Little One's Learning Center - A Two Star** Child Development Home
Enrollment Procedures
Is little One's Learning Center right for you?
We have a three step system developed to help determine if we are the right fit for you and your child.
  1. First, you must set up an initial interview after hours.  This will allow me to focus my full attention on you so that I can answer any questions you might have.  This is also for the protection of any children who are already in my care.  All parents are encouraged to read through the hand book before this visit.
  2. Second you will need to schedule an observation visit during regular business hours.  Your child is encouraged to attend.  This visit is done during free choices center times and may last no longer than 30 minutes.
  3. Third, families that are accepted into the child care program will be invited back for a final visit to review policies and procedures and complete necessary paperwork. 
Program Rates
Full Time         $125.00 
Infant/ Toddler/prek/ Half a day Kindergarten         
School age      $100.00
Full time               wk
Part time rate   $30.00  
*(Please, be advised you are paying for space not attendance) 
*Rates are prorated for the year.  Rates do not change due to closure or absence.  No child is to exceed 10 hours of care in one day.                                                 
**There is a one time enrollment fee of  $25.00 per. family paid at the time of turning in paper work.
***Provider will be paid for all Holidays listed in handbook, a one week of vacation, and 5 business /personal  days a year.  Parents will receive at least a two week notice or more whenever these dates come up.  No child care will be provided during these times.
Parent Resources
Being a parent is hard enough.  So, equipping parents with information, ideas, and strategies they can use in day to day real life situations is important to us. 
We provide a parent lending library were you can check our books, games, magazines, videos and much, much more...for you or your child at no cost to you.
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