Little One's Learning Center - A Two Star** Child Development Home
Programs include a daily/weekly schedule, which includes indoor and out door learning activities, meals/snacks, rest periods, and field trips.  Each program has a developmentally appropriate Curriculum.  Annual parent conferences, at the convenience of the parent, are conducted in order to enhance the knowledge and understanding of each child's developmental progress.  I offer learning centers which are set up for the purpose of creating an environment that allows children to have choices and will help them explore, discover and learn in many different ways.  Materials in our centers encourage children to use problem solving skills and provide opportunities for them to grow emotionally, physically, socially, and cognitively.  Shelves, furniture and supplies are on their level in a print rich environment which encourages pre-reading and self help skills. 
This program is offered to children who are under three years of age.  This program runs Monday-Friday 7:30-5:30 all year long.  This is a great age!  Children are learning so much so quick.  
  • Infants are not forced a schedule but rather eat when they are hungry and sleep when they want to sleep.  Infants participate in reading time, music, outdoor experiences, sensory time, tummy time, baby signs, naps, rocking and cuddling. 
  • Toddlers have a daily schedule that includes: circle time, learning activities, free choice center play, naps, music, out door experiences, art, baby signs and field trips.  One year olds are encouraged self help skills and to drink from sippy cups.  Two year olds are still encouraged to use self help skills and to use the potty.
This program is offered to children who are at least three years of age and completely potty trained.  This is a developmentally appropriate structured preschool program.  We specialize in teaching this fun age.  Your child will learn so much through hands on activities!
Your child will be taught:
  • social skills
  • manners
  • rhymes
  • pre-reading skills
  • name recognition
  • letters
  • computers
  • story time (which includes stories of Jesus)  
  • listening skills
  • art
  • how to check out books from the library
  • science activities
  • cooking experiences
  • self help skills
  • music
  • working in centers
  • field trips
  • walks and adventures to park near by
  • clean up
  • days of the week
  • months of the year
  • their birthday
  • weather/seasons
  • children around the world
  • participate in show and tell
  • special friend week
  • phone number/address
Children are rewarded and recognized for their achievements, efforts and outstanding accomplishments.  This program offers breakfast, lunch and snack when children arrive on time. 
School age
This program is for children who are in full time school.  This program is from 7:30 until school starts and after school until 5:30.  Child care can be arranged for days when school is out and during summer when space is available.  This program provides breakfast for anyone whom arrives by 7:30a.m. and afternoon snack.  Children will have computer time, reading, out door play, free center play, and time to do home work.  School age children are always full of life and we keep them busy with fun new activities.
Part Time
We do offer part time childcare.  Part time child care has a daily rate.  Children enrolled part time will interact with the activities that are planned for the day and time they attend.  
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